eHealth can be defined as healthcare practice supported by electronic processes and communications. Medical clinics, hospitals and other healthcare institutions adopt eHealth to use the latest available information technologies to improve patient care. Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Personal Health Records(PHR) are commonly associated terms with eHealth.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

In simple terms electronic medical record is a  computer systems used to store and retrieve patient data. Typically EMR is used at a doctor’s clinic. Each time a patient visits a doctor’s office  , health information pertaining to the visit is entered into the EMR system. EMR systems may have information such as diagnosis , treatment plan, lab requisitions, prescriptions, patient demographic information etc. EMR helps to build a patient ‘profile’ over a long period of time so that all the patient’s health information is located in one place that is easily accessible by healthcare providers. In a typical family doctor’s clinic these information is preserved so that the doctor has a detailed history about a patient’s health.

Personal health Record (PHR)

PHR is a system where patients can maintain their own record of their health. In a PHR,  patient’s can store information such as health conditions, medications, lab reports, exercise routines, blood pressure and blood glucose levels etc. PHR can be viewed and updated on mobile devices as well. Ubiquitous nature of mobile devices provide convenient access to personal health information  at any time from anywhere.